Mission Statement

To implement programs to assist with retention and expansion of existing businesses and be a force in attracting new businesses.

The Chamber is a resource to many people and organizations locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

What is the Chamber?

The Gateway to the Bellflower Community

  •  People call the Chamber before they dial 411
  •  People call the Chamber before they use the Yellow Pages
  •  People call the Chamber to obtain information on Businesses
  •  People go to the Chamber to find out who Community Leaders are
  •  People go to the Chamber for Demographic Information
  •  An Advocate for Businesses

  •  Advocates for Legislation that is Pro~Business
  •  We refer our Chamber Members
  •  We are the Voice of Business
  •  Resource to Dignitaries

  •  Liaison to the City of Bellflower
  •  Liaison to the County of Los Angeles
  •  Liaison to the California State Senate
  •  Liaison to the California State Assembly
  •  Liaison to the US House of Representatives
  •  Contributes to the Economic Development and Vitality of the community

  •  Promotes increasing sales tax revenue to the Bellflower community
  •  Marketing and Public Relations organization for the Bellflower community

  •  Community Events
  •  Partners with Commercial Brokers and Property Owners to attract new industry

  • We recognize our vital role in being the strong, unifying voice for business issues that impact the civic, commercial and economic climate in our city and in our region. To carry out this mission more effectively, the Bellflower Chamber of Commerce joined the Gateway Chambers Alliance (GCA,) which advocates the common business interests of 66,000 Employers and 21 Chambers of Commerce in the region.

    GCA takes positions on pro-Business legislation, corresponds with business leaders and members of Congress and state and local lawmakers. Moreover, CGA provides a forum for cooperative services that benefit the individual members

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